With the commissioned art program, ArtSpot is seeking private and business sponsorship to host an artist-in-residence.  This artist will engage with a variety of groups within the city to discuss their “stories,” and to learn what is culturally and personally significant to them.  The artist will take all of the information gathered and use this to create a public sculpture (a bridge) to represent the community as a whole.  The symbolism is that it is the strength and experiences of all the people within the community that makes Johns Creek special.  One missing pieces would make the bridge weaker and people may not be able to cross.

Each sponsor will receive a plaque at the base of the sculpture and will be included in social media.

As a gift to ArtSpot and the city, the sponsor is eligible for a tax deduction Johns Creek Beautification (JCB) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit formed for the specific purpose of preserving and enhancing the natural beauty in our common areas and public spaces through landscape installations, environmental/historical preservation and public works of art.  JCB’s cause is simple: to drive efforts to make Johns Creek a beautiful, clean community that exudes pride and purpose.

For information on sponsorships, e-mail info@artspotjcb.org.