Faces of Johns Creek is a mural project that involves collecting thousands of images of Johns Creek residents and compiling them into a mosaic thereby creating another image.  When viewed from a distance the faces will appear to be a bridge.  The bridge image will repeat the theme of the Tiny Bridges tying the two projects together.

Faces of Johns Creek Construction Process

Using mosaic software, thousands of color face images are reduced to cover the background of the mosaic.  A grey scale image of a bridge is overlaid onto the faces.  The final image will be printed on exterior shiny coated canvas with grommets on the corners.  The final image will be around 20’ X 10’.  It may involve 2-4 sections.


The ArtSpot committee will approach local businesses to see if they would be willing to display the mural on the side of their building.  Depending on funding, ArtSpot would like to create two of these murals.  Anchoring these murals to the side of the building would allow them to easily be removed and replaced with new mosaic images or to change mediums to a photography contest or reproduction of a flat art image.

There was debate as to how to display this mural.  If the mural is smaller and more at eye level in a park citizens will be able to see themselves in the mural.  However this option runs a high risk of vandalism.  When displayed and viewed from a distances residents can see the image as a whole and know they helped create it.  The compromise is to display the image from a distance and then reproduce poster size images that could be sold.

Faces of Johns Creek Process

Photographs will be taken by ArtSpot volunteers.  The intent is to attend city events and photograph citizens.  Photographers will have to seek out and visit venues for the opportunity to be as inclusive as possible with all citizens.  For example visiting an assisted living facility, or international events.

Releases will be signed by all adults and minors.  The city has shared their photo releases as a template.  A process will be put in place to match the image with the release.


JCB/ArtSpot will approach businesses to see if they will be the presenting sponsor of this project.

Future hopes

The ArtSpot committee was concerned over the reception of a traditional mural permanently painted on property.  The faces mosaic mural on canvas will allow the committee to gauge the community’s response to murals.