Call for Entries: General Participation Information for Artists

ArtSpot is a juried outdoor temporary public art installation.  ArtSpot aims to display the highest caliber of sculpture that represents variety in artistic styles and mediums. Sculpture selected for each installation are done so on artistic merit, diversity and if applicable, representation of the advertised theme for the display.


Deadline for applications: Dec. 31, 2016
Finalist Notified: Feb 1, 2017
Dates of Exhibition: April 2017 – March 2018
Removal Deadline: March 31, 2018

The Call for Entries invitation is open to artists working independently or in a collaborative group. Existing monumental sculptures pieces are preferred.  Sculptures will be place in public right of ways and parks.


After juried review of the submitted materials, selected items will be presented to the City of Johns Creek Public Arts Board with final approval by the Johns Creek City Council. For each piece selected by the jurors and displayed in the city, the artist will receive a $1,500 award.If the sculpture is sold, it must remain on display until the end of the exhibition. The artist will donate 10 percent of the sale price to Johns Creek Beautification ArtSpot.


Artist must fully complete the on-line application.

Artists can submit up to four pieces of art in one application. A $25 fee per application can be paid through our PayPal account. There is no limit to the number of applications an artist can submit.

Sculptures must be:

  • Original works of art and not massed produced
  • The following, non-exclusive list describes those items not considered Acceptable Art as defined within The Public Art Master Plan Community Standards:
  1. Business logos or art that incorporates a logo for the primary purpose of advertising a business.
  2. Directional elements such as super-graphics, signage or color coding except where these elements are integral parts of the original works of art.
  3. Mass-produced art objects, such as fountains, statuary objects, or playground equipment.
  4. Reproduction by mechanical or other means of original works of art.
  5. Decorative ornamental or functional elements created by the project architect instead of an artist commissioned for this purpose
  6. Electrical, water or mechanical service for activation of the works of art,
  7. Art exhibitions and educational activities.
  8. Security and publicity concerning works of art.
  9. Art used as signage
  • Appropriate for outdoor installation and must be constructed from materials able to withstand adverse weather;
  • Able to be bolted to a cement pad or ground;
  • Take public safety into account / be able to withstand touching or other physical contact by the public;
  • Low maintenance for the duration of the exhibition.


At the discretion of the jury and pending upon final approval by the City, locations will be selected from a list of potential sites. The Johns Creek Beautification jury will strive to provide the most suitable location available for the selected sculptures. The final location of the site must be approved by the City of Johns Creek Director of Public Works.


Arrangements will be made for the delivery and installation of each piece of art during November. A two week installation period will be posted once final approval from City Council is obtained. The artists are responsible for the delivery, assembly, installation and removal of their sculpture. Coordination of the dates, method of installation and use of the crane must be made in advance. A City of Johns Creek Public Works employee MUST be present to supervise the installation.

Artwork will be in place until March 2017. Artwork not picked up will be considered abandoned/donated to Johns Creek Beautification. If the sculpture is sold, it must remain on display until the end of the exhibition. Ten percent of the sale will also be donated to Johns Creek Beautification, ArtSpot Program.