Our Mission

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ArtSpot is the public art subcommittee of Johns Creek Beautification (JCB) and is dedicated to the use of art in public outdoor places as a means to strengthen and enrich the identity and culture of the City of Johns Creek community.

in 2015 Johns Creek Beautification established a subcommittee charged with bringing public art to the city. ArtSpot is a juried outdoor public art program that will focus on prominent large-scale art and carries with it the ability by its large size to significantly impact and change its environment. Public art in Johns Creek will add to the visual identity of the City, creating memorable images of the City for visitors and resident alike. Public art will reflect on Johns Creek’s role as an emerging regional leader in culture and recreation, and it will support the City’s development as a visually attractive place to live, learn, work, and play. Some pieces of art may contribute to Johns Creek’s municipal image as perceived by outsiders, reinforcing the city’s role as a desirable place to live as well as to locate a business. Some pieces will support individual neighborhood by creating local points of pride. We are reaching out to established artist from around the country to select sculptures to be on display for eighteen months with the finale of purchasing one piece of art that best engages and represents Johns Creek. The format of a rotating public art program will allow for diversity in sculptures that can appeal to a wide range of residents.

JCB ArtSpot’s sculpture selection  panel consists of professional artist and residents from neighborhood areas that engage with the artists to describe the main components of the character area they will represent; thus, they will make recommendations on the piece of art and which SPOT the piece of art fits best in their communities. Funding for the annual displays come from grants, private and corporate donations.

Over the course of next year, our “Make Our SPOT in History” outreach program will include town hall meetings, engagement of local highs school art programs, and meetings with local arts and culture groups. This outreach program will focus on creating a legacy in Johns Creek that honors the past, celebrates the present and creates our SPOT in metro area Public Art programs.

The next Call for Art will be out in the Autumn of 2016. This installation will celebrate the City of Johns Creek’s 10 year anniversary. The theme for the installation will center around community building, history of the area and the diversity of the residents.