Project Description


LOCATION: Bell at Boles Roundabout
SUMMARY: Ray Katz draws his inspiration form the world of architecture and design. Gemini is actually two smaller twin sculptures bolted together to create one large sculpture. Katz says, “I have worked in many mediums but metal remains my passion. Metal is best suited for my work because of its strength, malleability and inherent beauty. I combine geometric and organic elements to create compositions that convey the implied energy found in my work. I use the abstract manipulation of form and shape in space to create visual balance, using rhythm, action and movement. The implied energy of my compositional structures has become a hallmark of my work and is a metaphor for an evolutionary process that I associate with human experience. Through the creative process a hierarchy of elements become symbols for ideas, that are a tribute to the evolutionary experience we all share in common on the human plane and in the transcendent experiences inherent in life’s journey.”
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Gemini by Ray Katz