Project Description

LOCATION: Newtown Park – Turtle Pond
SUMMARY: This sculpture is constructed of wood and depicts a man in the moment something caught his attention and he turns towards it. It is a reminder that we need to stop and pay attention to our own lives in order to grow as human beings. Says Charlie Brower: “I have been making art since 1966 and I feel I am just getting started. My work ranges from small indoor gallery pieces to large outdoor sculptures to indoor and outdoor installations and public art projects. Drawing from personal experiences, beliefs, and feelings, I re-experience life through art by looking for evidence of beauty, truth, goodness, honesty, mercy, hope, and generosity that transcends the doubt, darkness, isolation, suffering, and fear that are also part of life. Wood’s my main material when constructing sculptures. In attempting to expand the possibilities of public art I have worn a backpack sculpture to a public art conference, made book sculptures for a library to be shelved and checked out, and made temporary installations about communities out of ladders they lent me.”
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