Project Description

LOCATION: SR141 just south of Findley Rd.
Thrive is constructed of both stainless and mild steel with a white high gloss powder coat finish. The four forms that make up Thrive convey a sense of relationships, and they are designed so they can be placed in a variety of locations and configurations. This allows each installation to convey a different sense of relationship and allows each site installation to be specialized to its community. The high gloss finish is essential in conveying the iconic and exact nature of the piece, and it is produced with neutral white coating that enhances the streamlined and exacting form as well as reflecting  the environment in which it is installed. Jenn Garrett takes architectural approach to sculpture. She possesses a Masters in Interior Design focusing on Mid- Twentieth Century Architecture from the University of Florida and a BA from the University of Georgia. Jenn is interested in biology and uses forms and the logic of biology to express the illogical, dynamic relationship among people. The forms are constructed through an architectural approach, working with lines and creating volumetric forms. During development of the piece, it is repeatedly analyzed to develop a more symbolic, pure form.
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